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French Drain Installations

A French drain could be the answer for homeowners who have low, soggy spots in their lawns. This underground outlet is an unnoticed but effective method of channeling excess water from problem areas to a designated drainage space. Drainage is critical for healthy turf. Standing water can kill grass and other plants, serve as a breeding ground for mosquitos, and ruin a landscape. If your lawn is constantly flooded, French drains could be the solution. They are unseen and unobtrusive, providing an underground outlet for water that would otherwise pool in low areas.

When water does not drain naturally, a drain must be installed. Ideally, every lawn will be graded correctly so that excess water drains to the intended location—perhaps a retention pond or drainage ditch. However, this does not always occur. After installing a yard feature or structure, depressed areas in the lawn can form. When carrying out other landscaping projects, it is critical to consider drainage.

Installing a French drain can be a difficult process that can result in problems if not done correctly. Hiring professional technicians from Dukes Lawncare who can ensure your yard drainage system is completed without complications is the best way to ensure the job is done correctly. We have been installing French drains in areas around North Alabama and Huntsville for quite a long time now and residents are happy. Reach out to us today!

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