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Sod Installation

It takes time, effort, and the right weather conditions to grow a lawn from grass seed. Why not get a beautiful lawn right away with sod installation from Dukes Lawncare?

It takes more than a little elbow grease to install a sod lawn. Because sod installation is an investment, you want to know that the professionals you hire will consider all of the variables that influence success. Our turf professionals have over 20 years of experience installing sod on residential and commercial properties in Huntsville, North Alabama and in other major cities. Dukes Lawncare has always invested in the most advanced equipment and sod installation practices in the industry, and we’ve even pioneered a few of our own along the way. Whether you do the soil preparation or we do it, our teams of turf professionals are ready to install our amazing sod on your commercial or residential place .Please do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss how your project can go from dirt to grass in a single day.

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