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Irrigation Repair & Maintenance

Is your irrigation system faulty? Are your sprinklers watering the street rather than your lawn? If this is the case, it is imperative that you contact Dukes Lawncare as soon as possible. With industry-leading expertise and a reputation for consistent customer satisfaction, our team can work with you to replace, repair, and troubleshoot any irrigation system issues you may be experiencing. 

There are numerous advantages to having an efficient irrigation system. It is not only more environmentally friendly than manual sprinklers that waste water, but it can also keep your grass healthy throughout the seasons. A beautiful lawn improves the curb appeal of your home and can even increase its value. So don’t waste any time! If you suspect that your sprinkler system is broken, we urge you to contact our lawn care professionals as soon as possible. Even small issues can have a significant effect on the ability of your irrigation system to look after lawns and gardens. Irrigation work is a specialty, so don’t let just anyone make changes to your sprinkler system. Our certified irrigation technicians are fully trained and dedicated to irrigation system tune-ups, audits, and repairs. Don’t accept anything less.

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